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This week’s e-Pistle

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New Podcast Episode with the Rev. Fletcher Harper

Looking for ways to create positive change in the world even during a pandemic? Look no further than this interview between Heidi Rupke and the Rev. Fletcher Harper, the latest in our series of Lenten Preaching Series podcasts highlighting the work of faith leaders, authors, and creative thinkers. The Rev. Fletcher Harper is an Episcopal priest and the executive

The SCOTUS Ruling

by the Rev. Amber Carswell

Last week, we celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision concerning protections for LGBT workers. This decision was personal, but not because I will receive any protection — churches, as you know, have our own metrics which are rightly independent of the state. It was personal because the issue of protections for

Homeless During the Pandemic

How Calvary Episcopal Church and the Hospitality Hub are Working Together 

by Susanne Darnell

Although I am a member of that group described as “vulnerable” who has been isolated here at Trezevant Manor since March 13, I want to share with you what I know about Calvary members and The Hospitality Hub staff serving the homeless in downtown Memphis. Learning this

Return to Calvary Update

The response to last week’s Return to Calvary survey was wonderful. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond.


What we learned is that some of us are ready to return to worship and some of us are not. This is very much to be expected. Please know that we are committed to continuing online live-stream worship indefinitely.

Senior Sunday

The Calvary Seniors Class of 2020: 
Davis Boeving
Sasha Clark
Zoe Hamblen
Mia Jones
Phoebe Lusk-Hussong
James Madden
Jacey Marshall
Duncan McLean
Lucy Patterson
Sophie Pauti
Maria Roudnev
Evvia Townley-Bakewell
Davis Boeving
Will be attending: University of Tennessee – Knoxville
“Calvary has provided many opportunities for me to be involved in church. I have enjoyed the loving-kindness of the people that I have gotten to know. It will be nice to always have a

Being Caring and Careful

by the Rev. Scott Walters


If the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us anything, it is that our lives are deeply interdependent. I am proud to be a part, along with our bishop, of a diverse group of interfaith leaders who speak as one, encouraging congregations to be caring, careful, and to go slow in their plans to reopen.


Memphis Faith

Meals for Women’s Shelter

Are you interested in providing an individual meal for 30 women who are experiencing homelessness and who are staying in a downtown hotel during this difficult time? Several of our Calvary parishioners have been doing this for the last few months. We continue to be thankful for your support in providing meals for the Emergency Women’s Shelter.


We will continue

Returning to Calvary

by Rector Scott Walters


During the spread of COVID-19 in our world, planning even for the near future has been a difficult and elusive process. But I want you to know our plan for returning to worship at Calvary, as it stands today.


First of all, we do not know when that return will happen. But we do know who will

Calvary receives Community Foundation Grant

The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis generously awarded $10,000 to Calvary Episcopal Church to assist with food, clothing, and hygiene products for our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness during this difficult time.


Calvary is still serving breakfast to 180 neighbors each Sunday, through physical distancing in the alley behind the church. Over 100 of these guests