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Pastoral Care Ministries

To get involved in any of Calvary’s pastoral care ministries, contact the Rev. Paul McLain.

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Arrival Angels

The Arrival Angels ministry at Calvary provides meals for Calvary families as new addition(s) are welcomed to their family. Join us in offering a warm Calvary welcome to growing Calvary families by signing up to deliver a home-cooked meal or provide a gift card to your favorite restaurant or meal delivery service. Please join us in welcoming and celebrating our newest arrivals!

Daughters of the King

The JOY Chapter of Daughters of the King is part of a worldwide prayer order for women that was established in 1885. Each day, members pray confidentially for those in need. The JOY Chapter meets monthly on the second Wednesday or the second Tuesday, alternately, at 5:30 p.m.

Pastoral Care Teams

The Pastoral Care Teams offer a ministry of prayer and care for Calvary parishioners and their families. Five teams, each led by a team captain, provide care on a rotating basis (every 5th week) and work in close collaboration with Martin Jellinek and Len Grice, pastoral care coordinators, and Paul McLain, associate rector. Care may include sending cards, making phone calls, delivering flowers, providing a meal, making visits, or other kinds of support as appropriate. Care Team Members attend a one-hour meeting every 5th week and spend 1–3 hours on their assignments. Total hours per month: 2–4 (includes team meeting).

Grief Support Group

The Grief Support Group offers healing and hope after the death of a loved one or another form of loss. This is done through mutual sharing in a small group setting. The group meets at the home of a member every other Thursday.  Those interested in the group are encouraged to contact Associate Rector Paul McLain.

Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic visitors are trained and licensed to share the bread and wine of the Eucharist with those who cannot leave their homes or hospital rooms. EVs function as part of Calvary’s Care Teams and provide this ministry of care and prayer on an as-needed basis.

All Saints Guild

This guild supports families following a death by helping to coordinate funeral services and receptions.

Wedding Guild

The Wedding Guild assists couples planning to marry by acting as the church’s representative. They attend rehearsals and weddings to help as needed.