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Hester Shortridge Library at Calvary Episcopal Church

Centrally located next door to the Great Hall and the main hall of the second floor, the Calvary Library is a comfortable, nicely furnished room, easily accessible from both the church and Parish House.


The Library Guild is excited to announce that a complete card catalog is now online! This means that you can browse our entire collection of around 4,000 books—including some clergy libraries and other locations—without leaving the comfort of home. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is.


Books are available for loan on the honor system. Readers can check out a book for up to a month by filling out the enclosed card and leaving it in the designated box on the desk.


The Calvary Library is a member of the Church and Synagogue Library Association and was established in 1977 by the Hester Shortridge Guild and the family of this late Calvary member who had been active in diocesan as well as parish work. It has continued to grow with new books being added regularly. Many of these are purchased as memorials or honorariums.


You are welcome to drop by and browse or look for a special book.


The library is staffed by volunteers, most of whom are members of the Library Guild.


Hester Shortridge Memorial Library Guild Named for the organizer and first president of the Women’s Auxiliary in the state of Tennessee, this guild was formed to promote and enhance the Christian education of the parish, to serve as a resource for people seeking help with their problems or inspiration for their devotional lives, and to provide attractive, interesting books for children. Since 1974, Calvary’s library has grown from a cabinet outside the Great Hall to 3,000 volumes. The guild is open to all men and women who are interested in serving as active workers or interested supporters.