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Community Ministries

To get connected with any of our community ministries, contact Christine Todd.

Basement Church

Serve 180 neighbors experiencing homelessness who eat and pray with us here at Calvary each Sunday morning from 6 a.m. until 8 a.m. We serve our neighbors a hot breakfast, make coffee, provide clothing, find needed toiletry items, help with books, and more. We need volunteers to ensure our neighbors feel welcome.

Community Breakfast Prep

During the week, prepare for Sunday’s Community Breakfast by cracking eggs, sautéing vegetables, etc. In this ministry, individuals and entire families participate to ensure breakfast is ready every Sunday morning.

Calvary Clothes Closet

Provide our homeless neighbors with an opportunity to select much-needed clothes, blankets, and toiletries on Sunday mornings from 6:15 to 7:45 a.m.

Calvary Clothes Closet Donations

You can pick up donations from those who cannot bring them to Calvary, speak with businesses that might have gently used things to donate, or arrange to place donation bins for coats. Here is an Amazon link for gifts: https://a.co/9K01l8H.

Here is what we most need:

Water bottles/coffee thermoses • Men’s jeans or pants• Bandanas with gel we can freeze for the hot summer• Men’s t-shirts• Backpacks• Winter coats and gloves• Scrubs for the Welcome Inn• Hoodies (Anything with a hood is like gold.)• Ball caps and hats• Sneakers and other casual shoes• Work boots• Men’s belts• Recyclable bags or plastic grocery bags• Women’s handbags• Men’s wallets• Rolling suitcases• Umbrellas and rain gear• Elastic waist pants like jogging suits for men and women• Blankets• Sleeping bags• Readers• Sunglasses• New underwear, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, deodorant, toothpaste, sports bras, insect repellent, lotion, hand cream, razors• Laundry detergent• Dryer sheets• Ground coffee• Individual servings of instant cereal, oatmeal, grits, chips• Beef jerky, Vienna sausages, tuna, anything that doesn’t require preparation with a pop-top • Washcloths and towels

Calvary Clothes Closet during the Week

Size clothes, put them on hangers, open generous donations from parishioners, arrange items, and organize the Clothes Closet so our neighbors can easily find items they need. Tuesday afternoons are a great time to work with others, or you can come when you are available.

Emmanuel Center

Tutor, collect school supplies, or mentor the children of the Emmanuel Center. The Emmanuel Center seeks to break the cycle of poverty through education and strengthen young minds, bodies, and spirits within a context of Christian witness. Each year, Calvary’s youth and volunteers host a carnival for the children and families of the Emmanuel Center.

Emmanuel Meal

Emmanuel Meal is a Christmas dinner for our neighbors who are experiencing poverty or homelessness. Calvary offers this meal before Christmas every year. You can volunteer to cook, serve, clean up, and more. Sign up here.

You also can purchase paper turkeys for $40 each to subsidize the cost of this meal.

Friends of the Mental Health Court

Attend Mental Health Court, provide incentives to participants, and advocate for the program. Defendants suffering from mental illness can have their charges dropped in exchange for completing a year-long mental health treatment plan determined by the Shelby County Mental Health Court. This ministry works in collaboration with Idlewild Church.

Grizzlies Prep

Be a Lunch Buddy by eating a 30-minute lunch weekly with one or two students. This mentoring relationship has proven to be a valuable asset for both the student and the volunteer. Grizzlies Prep is a Title I charter school providing education to young men in grades 5-8. In addition, it prepares all students to excel academically while also demonstrating integrity in everyday life.

The Hospitality HUB + Work Local

Provide and drop off lunch once a month for 15 unsheltered people who work or support development efforts with communication and promotional work. The Hospitality Hub connects individuals with the resources they need to begin their journey out of homelessness. Work Local provides job access and blight reduction. The Hub transports job-seeking panhandlers to clean-up sites where they help reduce urban blight while providing workers with lunch, a day’s wages, and additional services.

Lives Worth Saving

Welcome, serve, host, and eat lunch with attendees. This ministry works with our police department, Restore Corps, and our district attorney to respond to trafficking and prostitution in our city by offering women a safe path to a new life. LWS occurs on the second Thursday of the month.


Attend meetings and keep our parish informed and involved with MICAH. Memphis Interfaith Coalition for Action and Hope (MICAH) provides community organizing with three initiatives: education, integration and intercultural equity with economic equity. MICAH comprises over 50 churches and nonprofits.

MIFA (Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association) 

MIFA currently has about 40 volunteer routes that have to be covered each delivery day; each route includes 10 to 15 client stops within a neighborhood or area in Memphis. Volunteers arrive at MIFA between 9 and 10 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings to pick up their meals and scheduled route assignments. Sign up online.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence. Moms Demand Action campaigns for new and stronger solutions to lax gun laws and loopholes that jeopardize the safety of our families. Calvary volunteers attend meetings, help with publicity, keep Calvary informed, etc.

Pride Parade

Calvary believes that God loves everyone. No exceptions. With this in mind, we pass out free hugs, rainbow-colored Books of Common Prayer, and treats at the Mid-South Pride Parade, especially for those who don’t have relationships with their families.  Calvary volunteers help with participating in the parade, providing hugs, and staffing the booth.

Room in the Inn

We have a building next door to Calvary where we host Room in the Inn. You could help with the pick-up of guests. You could help orient other faith communities who share our space. You could straighten books. You could wash neighbors’ recycled clothes. You could host neighbors who need shower facilities. Prepare meals, host neighbors, and assist with logistics. This program is dedicated to serving people experiencing homelessness by providing emergency shelter and meals during the hottest and coldest months of the year—June, July, and August and November through March—sharing the love of God through holy hospitality. Sign up.

Soup Sunday

Chop vegetables, fill containers, and sell delicious soup. This ministry sells nutritious soup made from scratch to parishioners once a month to help fund Calvary’s hunger initiatives.

Special Friends

Special Friends is a diocesan group that works together to minister to adults with special needs in our city once quarterly, sharing dinner, worship, and activities.

Thistle & Bee, Inc.

Visit Thistle & Bee at the Cooper-Young Farmers Market and the Memphis Farmers Market (Downtown) on select Saturdays. You can purchase multiple flavors of premium granola, herbal tea bags, honey harvested from the T&B hives, and a number of other honey-based items, including gift boxes for all occasions. Volunteer opportunities include beekeeping, event planning, marketing, fundraising, and more. Market products are made by women who are victims and survivors of sex trafficking, prostitution, and/or addiction and who are a part of Thistle and Bee’s two-year residential program. Learn more at thistleandbee.org.