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The Chronicle newsletter is published four times a year and includes events and stories of how Calvary is making God’s love visible in downtown Memphis. If you have a story idea, submit it to Director of Communications Robyn Banks.


The Lent issue of the Chronicle features this year’s Lenten Preaching Series lineup, as well as stories by Laura Trott, Dave Rupke, Bill Etnyre, and more.



The Advent/Christmas issue of the Chronicle features Calvary’s Christmas schedule, along with stories by Ella Peeples, Kathryn Jasper, the 2022 Lente Preaching lineup, and more.


The Fall issue of the Chronicle includes upcoming formation opportunities for the Fall as well as myriad ways you can get involved at Calvary.


The Spring/Summer issue of the Chronicle has reflections from graduating seniors as well as reflections from Suzanne Henley, Kristin Lensch, Heidi Rupke, and more.


This Winter issue of the Chronicle features Lenten Preaching Series and Waffle Shop information as well as articles from Rector Scott Walters, Clay Woemmel, Mary Royer Hays, Ryan Jones, and more.



The Fall issue of the Chronicle features Fall formation offerings and ministry opportunities as well as articles from Rector Scott Walters, Associate Rectors Amber Carswell and Paul McLain, Heidi Rupke, and more.



The Advent issue of the Chronicle features Advent stories, vestry updates, a look ahead to Lent, and more.


The Fall issue of the Chronicle features Fall formation offerings and ministry opportunities as well as a spotlight on Calvary’s Camino pilgrimage, an article from Rector Scott Walters, and more.


The Pentecost issue of the Chronicle features summer formation offerings as well as a spotlight on Calvary’s Altar Guild, vestry update, and articles from Rector Scott Walters, Associate Rectors Paul McLain and Amber Carswell, Heidi Rupke, and more.


The Lent issue of the Chronicle features Calvary’s Lenten Preaching Series speakers and Waffle Shop menu, as well as a parishioner spotlight, vestry update, and articles from Rector Scott Walters, Associate Rector Paul McLain, and Director of Communications Robyn Banks.



October • “Building on Grace” by the Rev. Scott Walters  “I recently learned that, in the eyes of estate sale appraisers, a set of encyclopedias is worth approximately nothing. This was disturbing news with grave implications for our children. What will they use to anchor the corners of their blanket forts… ”


August/September • “A community of confession” by the Rev. Scott Walters  “A recent article I was reading made passing reference to something called “The Museum of Failure.” It had just opened in Sweden. This sounded like my kind of place. So I Googled… ”


Summer • “Something sacred and true” by the Rev. Scott Walters  “The first miracle was that they came. So many and all sorts of people came, most of them strangers to me. I was standing at the red doors of Calvary, and the wind blowing in from the west was downright bitter for the Wednesday after Easter. But it brought more strangers than I could count as the noon hour approached. We set up folding chairs down the aisle. People stood in the back and wrapped around both sides of the pews as the Service of Remembrance and Reconciliation began… ”


March/April • “The power of secrets” by the Rev. Scott Walters  “We’ve known about the power of secrets since we were children, haven’t we? There was something thrilling about cupping a hand to my mouth and delivering a message just to the ear of a trusted friend, whether the subject was who had a crush on whom or who had cooties or what secret place we should meet in to exchange even more secrets when school was over… ”


January/February • “A spirit of curiosity” by the Rev. Scott Walters  “When our daughter Kate was eight years old, she wanted to be a spy. She and her BFF Clare would rifle through the recycling bin in the church office for important looking documents (spreadsheets with lots of numbers were best) which they would staple together and file in a manila folder labeled “TOP SECRET…”



November/December • “Searching for rhythm” by the Rev. Scott Walters  “Driving an old truck has heightened my attention to rhythms. At about 60mph, my 1995 Chevrolet develops a soft rhythmic shudder in the rear end. The tires and suspension are in good shape, but the truck just doesn’t seem to like to move at certain speeds. So, I slow down or speed up just enough to bring the ride back into harmony…”


October • “What is your heart’s story?” by the Rev. Scott Walters  “In a discreet (I’d like to think) spot beside the steps to the backyard, sits a big black toolbox made of an indestructible plastic resin. It slid around in the back of my truck, carrying extension cords and pneumatic hoses, for years. Among the things presently inside it are: an aluminum clamp light, a concrete trowel, a quarter bag of charcoal, Azalea/rhododendron food, and a strange bicycle seat that consists of two independent oval buttock pads (patent pending, I’m sure)…”


August/September • “Placemaking” by the Rev. Scott Walters  “As I moved into my new office at Calvary and got the computer set up, I decided I should cull the website shortcuts I keep. They pile up over time. But as I did, I found a few links I didn’t recognize. One took me to instructions for making your own moss shower mat…”


June/July • “Being Known” by the Rev. Scott Walters  “Among the bad habits my parents attempted to undo in my brother and me (mostly me, to be honest) was overuse of the phrase “I know.” For a time it was the readiest answer I had for almost anything…”


April/May • “All things Calvary” by The Rev. F. M. “Buddy” Stallings  “Lent at Calvary has been all that it was trumped up to be. And more. I expected it to be busy almost as if nothing else happens at Calvary during Lent except LPS and Waffle Shop. Of course, that is not true. A parish mirrors the cycle of life for all of us, a process that continues every day in every season, days filled with moments of joy and sadness, of beginnings and endings, of devotion and distraction…”


February/March • “The joy of Lent” by The Rev. F. M. “Buddy” Stallings  “Recently in a sermon, I joked that compared to many places, Lent at Calvary is pretty cushy. Everyone tells me that I am almost guaranteed to put on a few pounds during the phenomenon of Waffle Shop. Since serious fasting has never been a part of my Lenten discipline, or any other discipline for that matter—being hungry makes me think of food more than of God—I anticipate no problem in embracing the much-celebrated gastronomical advantages of Calvary’s Lenten observance…”

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