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Linked by Separateness

“God did not become a movement, a concept, an ideal, or even a committee, but a man of flesh and bone with a parentage, friends, a language, a country, a home. He inhabited not just a time but places, streets, rooms, countrysides, and by his presence in the flesh he changed them all.” – Aidan … Continue reading “Linked by Separateness”

The Gift of Self-Compassion

by the Rev. Paul McLain “Love your neighbor as yourself.” – Mark 12:31 One of the traditions I experienced for many years in the Baptist church was Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting. After a gigantic potluck meal of “cooked to death” Southern meats and vegetables and every conceivable casserole known (and some unknown) to humanity, each … Continue reading “The Gift of Self-Compassion”

The SCOTUS Ruling

by the Rev. Amber Carswell Last week, we celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision concerning protections for LGBT workers. This decision was personal, but not because I will receive any protection — churches, as you know, have our own metrics which are rightly independent of the state. It was personal because the issue of protections for … Continue reading “The SCOTUS Ruling”

Sacred Imagination

by the Rev. Scott Walters   This morning, as I sat down to write this post, the microwave stopped working. When I say I know just enough about household wiring to be dangerous, that’s not an idiom. It’s a blunt statement of fact. But I still tried to track down the problem. I checked the … Continue reading “Sacred Imagination”