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The Year I Played with a Full Deck

by the Ven. Mimsy Jones   Some of the best advice I have ever received came from a woman named Mary Jennings – Sister Mary Jennings, to be exact.   … Continue reading “The Year I Played with a Full Deck”

Stay Connected

by the Rev. Paul McLain   Since last Wednesday, I experienced the deaths of six persons in my circle of Calvary, previous parishes, and personal friendships. And some of you … Continue reading “Stay Connected”

Overriding the Default Setting

by the Rev. Scott Walters   “In the day-to-day trenches of adult life, there is actually no such thing as atheism. There is no such thing as not worshipping. Everybody … Continue reading “Overriding the Default Setting”

Triage Artistry

by the Rev. Paul McLain   During a recent conversation about the overload of tasks, information, distressing news, and distractions that so many of us are experiencing these days, a … Continue reading “Triage Artistry”

“Are you still alive?”

by the Ven. Mimsy Jones   One morning in late August, as I finished a delicious breakfast of soft scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, and a warm blueberry muffin served to … Continue reading ““Are you still alive?””

Royalty & Doors

by the Rev. Katherine Bush   A confession: I did not get up early to watch the Queen’s funeral. I did scroll through the pictures and videos later in the … Continue reading “Royalty & Doors”

Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

by the Rev. Paul McLain   Wednesday afternoons were a busy time at our family business, McLain & Barnes Hardware. That was the time when the Orgill Brothers truck arrived … Continue reading “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”

All Thumbs 

by the Rev. Katherine Bush   In my teaching days, we shared the story of Paul Brand with our students – a mostly unknown doctor who spent most of his … Continue reading “All Thumbs “

Bucket List Item: Get Prayed Up

by the Reverend Paul McLain   As these last couple of years have put all of us more in touch with our mortality, Ruthie and I have been more intentional … Continue reading “Bucket List Item: Get Prayed Up”

Less Than Super Heroes

by the Rev. Scott Walters   Recently I heard a podcast host ask a science fiction writer named Ted Chiang what he thought about superheroes. Neither science fiction nor superheroes … Continue reading “Less Than Super Heroes”