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Royalty & Doors

by the Rev. Katherine Bush   A confession: I did not get up early to watch the Queen’s funeral. I did scroll through the pictures and videos later in the … Continue reading “Royalty & Doors”

Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

by the Rev. Paul McLain   Wednesday afternoons were a busy time at our family business, McLain & Barnes Hardware. That was the time when the Orgill Brothers truck arrived … Continue reading “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”

All Thumbs 

by the Rev. Katherine Bush   In my teaching days, we shared the story of Paul Brand with our students – a mostly unknown doctor who spent most of his … Continue reading “All Thumbs “

Bucket List Item: Get Prayed Up

by the Reverend Paul McLain   As these last couple of years have put all of us more in touch with our mortality, Ruthie and I have been more intentional … Continue reading “Bucket List Item: Get Prayed Up”

Less Than Super Heroes

by the Rev. Scott Walters   Recently I heard a podcast host ask a science fiction writer named Ted Chiang what he thought about superheroes. Neither science fiction nor superheroes … Continue reading “Less Than Super Heroes”

New Pencils

by the Rev. Katherine Bush   I was a student for twenty-one years. And I was a teacher for fifteen years. August brings its own particular and peculiar blend of … Continue reading “New Pencils”

Exile and Home

by the Rev. Paul McLain   During my time in Covid quarantine this week, I have been reading Making Loss Matter: Creating Meaning in Difficult Times by Rabbi David Wolpe, … Continue reading “Exile and Home”

Are we in or are we out?

by the Rev. Buddy Stallings   Everyone, who thinks about the larger mainstream church in America today, ponders the question of why our numbers keep dropping. Though statistics vary, in … Continue reading “Are we in or are we out?”

Roadside Attraction

by the Ven. Mimsy Jones   “The harshest winter finds in us an invincible spring,” wrote philosopher Albert Camus.   I have turned to those words for quite some time … Continue reading “Roadside Attraction”

It’s a lot.

by the Rev. Katherine Bush   It’s a lot. It’s too much, really.     Our minds were not meant to process all the information that is now flooding our days. … Continue reading “It’s a lot.”

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COVID-19 and Calvary TodayLearn More