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(Still) Making God’s Love Visible in Downtown Memphis

by Christine Todd


So many people tell me they don’t believe in social media. I get it. People will know your life’s details. Some people say they look at Facebook but never post. Well, I get it because it does put you “out there.” I will tell you, though, during this time of isolation and distance,

Cards and Notes for Healthcare Workers

Dr. Henry Sullivant, a Calvary parishioner and vice president and chief medical officer at Baptist Memorial Health Care, offers the following thanks: “These are kind notes sent to our Baptist Memphis CEO. She reads them aloud at staff meetings. She said people wept. Thanks for your encouragement. These folks are working hard.”

If you would like to send a note,

Love in the Time of Quarantine

by Mimsy Jones


Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a best-selling book when I was in the retail book business back in the 1980s. Its title popped into my mind this morning as I prepared to watch the live-streamed service from our beloved parish church.


These services have touched me so deeply and powerfully that I

The Joys(?) of Quarantine

by Emlyn Polatty

A week ago, my schedule was packed; wake up at 5:30, get to school by 7:00, spend eight grueling hours on trigonometry and World War II and everything else, then go to rehearsal for two hours. Sing and dance until 4:00 or 4:30, and then, three or four days a week, head to Sekisui Midtown for a

Safer at Home

MARCH 24, 2020

Dear Calvary,

As I hope you have heard by now, Mayor Strickland issued a “Safer at Home” order yesterday. This means that Calvary’s offices and facilities will be closed completely as of 6 p.m. tonight. The only present exception is our Community Breakfast, which is allowed in the order. This ministry was carried out carefully and conscientiously by

Staying Connected

Learn about the ways we can all stay connected during these times.

Scott Walters

Sunday Morning Worship

MARCH 16, 2020

This morning I met with several clergy colleagues, and we agreed together that, as rectors of larger Memphis parishes, the CDC’s directive against meetings of more than 50 people meant that must cancel Sunday worship services for the near future. Wednesday night programming for children and adults will also cease for the time being.

Since its numbers are

Scott Walters

Weekly Life at Calvary

Dear Calvary,

As surely as when we were children, none of us wants to find ourselves alone when we’re anxious. Today I am grateful to God that I am not at all alone as we struggle to discern what a faithful response to what an international health crisis looks like in Memphis.

This morning, Bishop Phoebe Roaf and Canon Sharon Alexander hosted

2020 LPS and Waffle Shop season will finish today: March 12

Due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19, today (Thursday, March 12) will be the last day of Calvary’s Waffle Shop and Lenten Preaching Series (LPS) for 2020. We have been in daily contact with Dr. Henry Sullivant along the way, and are deeply grateful for his wise and knowledgeable counsel. We are also grateful for the Waffle Shop

The Advent Chronicle Newsletter

The Advent issue of the Chronicle features Advent stories, vestry updates, a look ahead to Lent, and more.

The Chronicle newsletter is published four times a year and includes events and stories of how Calvary is making God’s love visible in downtown Memphis