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Believing in Ted Lasso and Other Stuff

by the Rev. Buddy Stallings


Ted Lasso (actually Jason Sudeikis though he will forever be Ted Lasso to me) was my breakout star of the pandemic, the pandemic, which apparently may continue through the third season of the series and beyond, and yes, the same pandemic that is making me crazy! But that is another story. When I first heard

This week’s e-Pistle

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by the Rev. Katherine Bush


One Christmas years ago my mother-in-law (now of blessed memory) gave me two gifts. She gave me a copy of the then-newly published edition of Flannery O’Connor’s A Prayer Journal and a painted metal watering can in the shape of a pig – the water comes out of its

Living Into a Name

by the Rev. Paul McLain


One of the most exciting things about the birth of a child is giving the newborn baby a name. January 1st is not only the start of a new calendar year. It is the Feast of the Holy Name of Our Lord. It is a holy day in which we remember that a week after

Holy Tide

by the Rev. Katherine Bush


“… this holy tide of Christmas/ is filled with heav’nly grace.

O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy,/ O tidings of comfort and joy.”


I’m writing this after the last meals have been served and the tables cleared from our Emmanuel Meal on Monday afternoon. Our doors were open

Visible Means of Support

by the Rev. Scott Walters


It’s been at least twenty-five years since I walked onto a job site one day in a pair of shorts and a Walters & Marietta Construction t-shirt, my work uniform for that time of year and phase of my life. We were building a house and had hired Dan Orcutt to install the cellulose

My Abrupt, Disruptive Advent Experience

by the Ven. Mimsy Jones


Advent is the time of year I run headlong into two of my most onerous traits, procrastination and perfectionism. “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?” coupled with, “It has to be better!” is a treacherous mental combination, never more so than in December.


Advent calls us to a holy waiting and watching,

Live This Moment

by the Rev. Buddy Stallings


In some ways, it is a mystery that I am so drawn to Advent, given who I am and how I do life. Although I often pretend to be a patient man, in my heart I know better. I do not like waiting. I don’t suppose anyone particularly does. But some seem to be better

2021 Community Breakfast Angels

Community Breakfast Angels donate funds to purchase breakfast at Calvary’s Community Breakfast for neighbors experiencing homelessness. $500 purchases breakfast for 180 guests for a month.

Many thanks to our Community Breakfast Angels for 2021. If you would like to become an angel for 2022, contact Director of Outreach Ministries Christine Todd.


January – In honor of imprisoned youth by the

Thanksgiving in the Rain

by the Rev. Paul McLain


While living in New Haven, Connecticut, we made plans to go with Lucille Clancy, a parishioner at our church, to the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in New York City. We were so excited about this and Lucille was looking forward to going back to the site of her fondest Thanksgiving memories.


Early that morning, we boarded the