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Switching Knobs and Levers

from Dr. Kristin Lensch, Calvary’s Organist-Choirmaster:

We wish Brian Campbell friendly skies as he leaves Calvary to pull and flip a different set of knobs and levers. He will pursue a full-time career as a pilot with SkyWest Airlines this month. Sunday, May 14, will be his last Sunday.

I am grateful for his two years with us, assisting

Consider the Birds of the Air

by the Ven. Mimsy Jones


Two years ago on Mother’s Day, my children and grandchildren gave me an amazing gift: a large, full-on bird-feeder! Made of heavy black iron, it has four long curved ‘arms’ that curl on the ends to hold containers for seeds and nuts, a block of suet, and, dried mealworms (!). They planted the feeder outside