Friends of Music Concert Series

Calvary Episcopal Church’s mission is to make God’s love visible in downtown Memphis. The Friends of Music ministry seeks to make it visible by enhancing the sacred music of Calvary’s liturgies, while also opening the doors of Calvary to the larger community of the Mid-South for a variety of concert opportunities. If you would like to become a Friend of Music, please contact Kristin Lensch, or click the PayPal link below. You may also contact one of the committee members: Desi Franklin, chair; Frank Anthony; Kell Christie; John Palmer; Katy Piecuch; and Dave Rupke.

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In our 2017-2018 season, we are grateful for the support of:

Jim Alexander & David Johnson • Bobbi & Rod Alward • Judy & Daniel Amsler • Pat Anderson • Frank Anthony • Rosemary C. Atkinson • Mary Baird • Debbie & David Balling • Linda Bennett • Edward Biggs • Stella Blocker • Edwin D. Bozeman • Kathy & Jerry Bradfield • Weezie & Jim Calandruccio • Margaret & Bill Craddock • Katherine Creech • Lucia & Hal Crenshaw • Michele Crump • Katie Dann & John Pruett • Lynda Gayle Deacon • Robert Dodge • Jan & Barney Elam • Andy Estes • Barbara Etheridge • Jim Gabbert • Adam J. Gahn • Mary & Rick Gruber • Ellen Hammond • Trudy & Ray Hatton • Lynne M. Hinton • Ken Hopkins • Mimsy Jones • Dorothy Kirsch • Melinda & Bill Kolb • David Lensch • Susan & B. Lee Mallory • Nancy Manire • Cindy H. Moseley • Gail Murray & Joseph Hawes • David Ousset & John Palmer • Gwen & Penn Owen • Bob Owens • Joanne P. Parker • Susan & John Peterson •  Karla Philipp • Cristina & Cap Pinkham • Pat Robison • June Rose • Needie & Tom Rountree • Jean Schmidt • Patricia & Jerry Scruggs • Kathryn Skinner • Linda Spiese • Sarah Squire • Nina Sublette • Deborah Dunklin Tipton • Ainslie P. Todd • Louise & Calvin Turley • Elbert Wall • Ardelle & Scott Walters • Stephen D. White • Thomas Williams • Milton Winter • Brenda & Jerry Woemmel

If you would like to make a donation, you may do so through the PayPal button below or by calling Financial Administrator Cindy Yeager at 901-312-5204. Together, let’s make something beautiful happen.

Calvary Episcopal Church Friends of Music

You do not have to have a PayPal account to make a donation using your credit card. On the Payment Details page click where it says, "If you do not currently have a PayPal account , Click Here." On the following page click on the box that is titled "Don't have a PayPal Account?" It will allow you to make a donation without opening a PayPal account. Please consider adding 2.6% to your donation to cover the service fee.