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2024 LPS Sermons

2024 LPS Sermons

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Catherine Meeks

  • Catherine Meeks
  • 02/16/2024
  • 31:00

Dr. Catherine Meeks is a storyteller with a purpose. Born in 1946 in segregated Arkansas, Meeks has spent a lifetime working on issues of racial healing and the promotion of life. The daughter of a sharecropper and a teacher, she grew up hearing her father talk about a 12-year-old brother who died from a burst appendix before she was born—refused service at a white hospital. “I grew up in that kind of atmosphere of The world is really hostile toward us because we’re black and poor.” For over 30 years, Meeks has advocated wellness and social justice, giving voice to those living on the margins of society and promoting a healthy racial dialogue worldwide. Meeks has a master’s degree in social work from Clark Atlanta University and a Ph.D. from Emory University focusing on Jungian Psychology and African American Women’s Literature.

John Pitzer

  • John Pitzer
  • 02/15/2024
  • 20:51

The Rev. John Pitzer is a native of Texas and currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he serves at Trinity Episcopal Church as associate rector of outreach/mission and pastoral care. For twenty years, Pitzer was a friar with the Order of Preachers, commonly known as the Dominicans. He served at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Memphis which has been a neighbor to Calvary for over a century. Pitzer believes that preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ–an all-inclusive Good News that is intended for everyone no matter our circumstances in life–is needed in this world like never before.