Art & the Heart: February 2023

Playhouse on the Square 66 Cooper Street, Memphis, TN

Calvary parishioners and friends are invited to tour Charles Shipp's art exhibition at Playhouse on the Square on display in conjunction with the theatrical production of "The Scottsboro Boys." Charles is the son of Nino & Charles Shipp and grew up at Calvary. He created the mixed-media collection after being moved by the story of … Continue reading "Art & the Heart: February 2023"


The Future of Faith

Calvary Episcopal Church 102 North 2nd Street, Memphis, TN

As we launch into the 100th year of the Lenten Preaching Series, join Scott Walters, Paul McLain, and Katherine Bush in reflecting not on the past but on the future of faith in our community.

Gumbo Cookoff

It's that time of year again, dust off your wooden spoons, tie on your apron and get your gumbo team ready to go! On Mardi Gras, Tuesday February 21st we … Continue reading "Gumbo Cookoff"


Waffle Shop

Calvary Episcopal Church, 102 North 2nd Street, Memphis, TN 38103, United States 2 N 2nd St

WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS, AND FRIDAYS 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. It’s been 94 years since plates were piled up with waffles, chicken hash, and fish pudding at Calvary’s first Waffle Shop in Lent … Continue reading "Waffle Shop"


Lenten Class on Dreams

Calvary Episcopal Church 102 North 2nd Street, Memphis, TN

What's in a Dream? Dreams have a place in the Christian tradition and in our understanding of ourselves. The Rev. Paul McLain, Greta Heru, and Jill Piper will guide the dream-curious through the fantastic and mundane journeys we take as many as six times a night. We'll look in on famous dreamers in the Bible … Continue reading "Lenten Class on Dreams"

Lent in the Wilderness

Calvary Episcopal Church 102 North 2nd Street, Memphis, TN

Wilderness is one of the throughlines in scripture and is a prominent theme in Lent. The Rev. Katherine Bush begins a series examining the wilder world as a reality and metaphor.