Sunday Sermons – Calvary Episcopal Church
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Sunday Sermons

The Second Sunday of Easter

  • Chloie Madden and Brennan Seltzer
  • 04/07/2024
  • 5:22

Jesus may not appear directly in front of us, as he did for Thomas, but we can still see him in all places, at all times.

The Sunday of the Resurrection: Easter Day

  • The Rev. Scott Walters
  • 03/31/2024
  • 12:52

Jesus wants us to live, not only like we are loved with a love even crucifixion can’t kill, but to live like starry-eyed lovers of this world ourselves, so that all that is best and most beautiful within it can come forth into the space that only love can make.

The Great Vigil of Easter

  • The Rev. Paul McLain
  • 03/30/2024
  • 8:57

God promises to sprinkle clean water upon the people, and cleanse them from the idols they had served. As water rushes over a rock, it not only cleanses it, it smooths out its rough, jagged edges over time. The currents of the water slowly open up tiny crevices in the rock for new life to find safe spaces in which to be born.

Good Friday

  • The Rev. Katherine Bush
  • 03/29/2024
  • 7:35

We are now the ones sitting in the aftermath when nothing will happen for a little while. And we begin to tell the story all over again. This is the work of Good Friday, to be in the scraped-out, empty place and to stay there for a while, for as long as we can stand it.

Maundy Thursday

  • The Rev. Scott Walters
  • 03/28/2024
  • 9:47

Perhaps last suppers and hard times are when we especially need to love as though we’re simply obeying a clear and doable command. Perhaps these are the times when we just do the next loving thing we can think of, speak the kind word, wrap a towel around us and serve someone, even when we don’t feel very loving quite yet.