Senior Sunday

The Calvary Senior Class of 2022: 
Chris Bird
Ella Chipley
Ella Chipley
Will be attending: The University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s interior architecture school and plans to study abroad some
“Calvary has allowed be to have a place a refuge and growth, something I will always be grateful for.”
Ella Peeples
Will be attending: Franklin and Marshall College
“I love Calvary for instilling in me a sense of faith I can turn to when I need reassurance. Calvary has allowed me to grow up in a place where I have been endlessly supported and fiercely loved. Watching Calvary’s continued dedication to supporting downtown Memphis has brought me to a love for outreach and community involvement. Calvary has been key in my life as I’ve grown into the person I am now. “
Jonah Smith
Will be attending: The University of Tennessee in Knoxville for engineering
“I am grateful for the environment that I got to grow up in. I credit Calvary with helping me to be the best version of myself, teaching me how to love and be empathetic, as well as be there for people when they need it. I thank Gabbie Munn, Kayla Bartosch, and especially Hillary Chipley for having a huge influence in who I am.”