New Podcast Episode with the Rev. Fletcher Harper

Looking for ways to create positive change in the world even during a pandemic? Look no further than this interview between Heidi Rupke and the Rev. Fletcher Harper, the latest in our series of Lenten Preaching Series podcasts highlighting the work of faith leaders, authors, and creative thinkers. The Rev. Fletcher Harper is an Episcopal priest and the executive director of GreenFaith, an organization that inspires people to form local “green circles” around issues of importance to local communities. Organizationally, GreenFaith pushes for government policies that protect people and land in the broadest possible sense. Conversationally, the Rev. Harper describes the importance of relationships, spirituality found through text and creation, and the decisive actions that result from all of these. Search for Calvary Episcopal Church on your favorite podcast app or go to calvarymemphis.org/podcast.