Meet Calvary’s New Sexton and Information Officer

Monica Marshall is Calvary’s new sexton. There are many moving parts in any Calvary event. Monica will oversee opening and securing our buildings, scheduling and training security guards, and keeping our facilities clean and safe for worship, ministries, and special events. We got to know Monica when she was working as a contracted security guard—work she did with grace, intelligence, and kindness. We’re so pleased to have her as one of us, putting even more of her gifts to work for our common life and ministry.

Mary Honey is our new information officer, greeting and assisting people who come to Calvary most weekdays at the information desk on the first floor. Mary is a dedicated parishioner who sings in the Calvary Choir, but she will now offer her smiling presence as the welcome most people will receive first when they come through the alley doors and into the bustling entrance hallway she now oversees. After years of work helping people recover from addiction, Mary brings a host of skills and experiences that will help us all better serve and welcome the great variety of people who come to Calvary each day.

Both of these women have a heart for service and a commitment to showing Christ’s love to the world. Let them know how grateful you are for their ministries next time you see them. And look for their pictures and bios on our website soon!

Grace & peace,



Scott Walters,