Love in the Time of Quarantine

by Mimsy Jones


Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a best-selling book when I was in the retail book business back in the 1980s. Its title popped into my mind this morning as I prepared to watch the live-streamed service from our beloved parish church.


These services have touched me so deeply and powerfully that I have shared them with friends who live far and wide and I’ll bet you feel the same way.


After the last prayers and dismissal today, I took a long walk and, to borrow a good biblical phrase, began to ponder in my heart how grateful I am for Scott, Paul and Amber, our clergy, for Kristin and John, our musicians, and for the singers from our choir who so immeasurably enhance the liturgy. These are the folks we see who lead us and enhance our worship.


Then I remembered those who, though we never see their faces, actually make this sacred time possible: Noah and Bernie provide video and sound services, Robyn coordinates all the communication. Ebet is behind the scene of almost every event, Hilary and Gabby prepare the materials for children. Steve and Cindy are still taking detailed care of our finances, Christine is ensuring the unsheltered are still receiving food and clothes, Mary is still providing food for our neighbors, and Helario is taking care of our beloved building. Our staff keeps the Good Ship Calvary afloat morning, noon, and night, quarantine or not.


All of these gifted, loving people bring the LOVE to our time of quarantine. I am, and will forever be, grateful, thankful, and amazed. Let’s remember them in our prayers and when we see them again, which we will, let us shake their hands, pat their backs and hug them tight. May God bless and keep them, and each of us, safe and well.


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