Calvary welcomes Steve Smith as Director of Finance & Operations

From Rector Scott Walters:


As 2018 came to a close, we knew that a priority for the coming year was to find a full-time person to oversee both finances and operations for the busy and bustling parish that is Calvary Church. It just so happens…or rather…as Providence would have it one Sunday, our then treasurer, Hall Gardener, and his family were visiting the mother church of our diocese, Emmanuel Church in La Grange. Hall met a guy at Emmanuel named Steve Smith who had moved back into the area after having been in New Orleans for the past 17 years. And when their coffee hour conversation turned to jobs and such, Hall and Steve were both taken aback at how perfectly aligned his experience in New Orleans was with Calvary needs.


Steve had been in charge of finances and operations and a staff of about 15 for two historic houses turned museums. They were located right downtown, so besides the familiar joys and challenges of tending to beloved old buildings, he wasn’t unaccustomed to the other duties often assigned to one in such a position, such as dealing with the neighbor still passed out in the courtyard after a bit too much of the spirit, if you will, of Bourbon Street.


Steve is also a devout Episcopalian, having served on vestries and finance committees and as a liturgical leader. Perhaps you get the gist of this by now. When I met Steve for myself and found him to be personable, unassuming, and kind as well, it was a matter of weeks before we were signing papers and celebrating his impending arrival at Calvary. We are blessed and grateful that Steve found his way back to the Memphis area and to Calvary. His gifts will be invaluable as we discern together what God calls us to in the days to come.


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