Buddy Stallings becomes Priest Associate

Buddy Stallings would be the first to tell you that he came to know Calvary through his late and beloved husband, Molitor Ford. But he came to love Calvary for himself enough to serve as interim rector in 2016-2017 after retiring as rector of St Bart’s Church in New York. I’m so pleased to announce that Buddy cannot quite, to borrow a phrase from Charles Portis, achieve escape velocity from Calvary, and has agreed to serve as priest associate beginning in August.

Buddy will continue to live near his family in Jackson, Mississippi, but will preach at Calvary at least quarterly and offer his wise (and witty) counsel to us as we discern how we’re called to make God’s love visible in the days ahead. Please join me in welcoming Buddy back to Calvary, even if his heart never entirely left us.