Sunday Sermons

The Third Sunday in Lent

  • The Rev. Amber Carswell
  • 03/24/2019
  • 11:24

One of the things that still catches me by surprise, though it shouldn’t by now, is opening the Bible and finding our daily news splashed across the surface in these old stories, if we have eyes to see them or ears to hear them.

The First Sunday in Lent

  • The Rev. Paul McLain
  • 03/10/2019
  • 9:51

For Jesus and for us, the expedient move is not always the right move. Temptation is usually a whisper to take a shortcut- a shortcut to pleasure, a shortcut to wealth, a shortcut to prestige. And it is an invitation to think short-term, without considering the consequences of our actions, or the infinite possibilities of thinking and acting with a mindset toward the eternal.

The Last Sunday after Epiphany

  • The Rev. Scott Walters
  • 03/03/2019
  • 9:53

So, who are the Cora Potes and St. Pauls in your life? The people who will call the bluff of the conventions and inhibitions that keep us from the truth about ourselves and our world. People who will call out anyone, even Moses, if that’s what it takes to name the veils the world gives us to walk around underneath.

The Sixth Sunday after Epiphany

  • The Rev. Scott Walters
  • 02/17/2019
  • 10:53

Jesus’s world, like ours, was already quite nicely divided between the blessed and the cursed. But Jesus turned even these essential divisions around. And a new possibility for fellowship emerged.

The Fifth Sunday after Epiphany

  • The Rev. Paul McLain
  • 02/10/2019
  • 8:58

“Isaiah understood his role was not only to proclaim the word of the Lord to the people. It was also to understand and to live the plight of the people – and to pray and even cry out to heaven on our behalf. The longing in Isaiah’s plea, ‘How long, O Lord’ is to bring a little touch of heaven to earth, especially in the midst of hard times.”