The Rev. Becca Stevens

The Rev. Becca Stevens

Author and founder of the Community of Magdalene and Thistle Farms

  1. As Thistle Farms and Magdalene Community continue to grow, what new challenges keep you up at night?  

    Thank God nothing keeps me up at night!  I go to sleep in about 10 minutes. Then I almost jump out of bed at the crack of dawn to get going on the next day. There is a lot to do, but I try not to stress over money or daily problem. I try to save that for real crisis. 

  2. How has your journey with the women of Magdalene Community changed you?  What are your dreams for the future? 

    I can't begin to talk about the gratitude I feel towards women like shelia regina shana Katrina Chelle Jennifer arleatha Clemmie and the many many more whose leadership and courage have given me the courage to say from any pulpit that will let me, "love is the most powerful force for change."

  3. What are your hopes and dreams for the city of Memphis? The Church? The world? 

    My hope and dream for Memphis is to be a city that comes together as one---beyond racial religious political and economic divisions--to offer healing to women who have survived rape, trafficking, addiction,  and prostitution  right in the midst of your community while they were still minors. 

  4. What books have most shaped your thinking? What are you reading now? 

    I am writing a book right now called The Way of Tea and Justice. I have just released the story of Thistle Farms and Magdalene called Snake Oil. Between tweeting @revbeccastevens and editing this book, I am just reading some light fiction to drift off to sleep. I love being an author and writing. I hope a lot of folks will have ordered Snake Oil by the time I get there in March, it will make the conversation much more interesting.