Service Roles

Service Roles

Many parishioners enrich their worship experience by preparing the church for worship or playing a more active role during the services. 


Serving as an acolyte is an opportunity to do quiet, meditative work during worship services. Acolytes enhance the congregation's experience of the service by carrying crosses, torches, flags, and banners in the procession. Acolytes also assist in the preparation of the Eucharist at the altar. The majority of Calvary's acolytes are teenagers, but a number of adults participate as acolytes as well. Acolyte training is required and offered throughout the year. Acolytes serve on a rotating basis and may volunteer to serve at weddings and funerals. If you are interested in being an acolyte, contact Catie Thacker.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares the altar and sanctuary for all Sunday, weekday, and special services, including weddings and funerals. Its primary purpose is to prepare for the administration of the Sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Baptism. The Guild is responsible for the vessels, linens, hangings, and vestments of the church, and is actively involved in a program of preservation of the marble, wood, brass, silver, and needlepoint articles that adorn Calvary's altar. Guild members seek to grow spiritually through their service as well as to deepen their experience and knowledge of the church and the sacraments. Members serve at a regularly scheduled service once every four weeks and at special services, for which they volunteer. The Guild sponsors two semi-annual meetings for educational and spiritual renewal. If you are interested in serving on the altar guild, please contact Gayle Spence.

The Altar Guild Team that coordinates weddings at Calvary is expanding and looking for people who would like to be trained. If you would like to learn more about helping during wedding rehearsals and weddings, please contact Ebet Peeples.


The large, lively, and varied music program at Calvary is a way for many people, including children, to worship God through song and praise as well as to be more directly involved in the worship services.


Often robed in vestments according to their role in the service, clergy lead those gathered for worship through the service of the day. Having been educated in theological seminaries throughout the country, our clergy offer spiritual guidance during the worship experience.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic ministers are licensed members of the parish who assist in administering the bread and wine at the altar rail and standing stations during Holy Eucharist. Serving as a eucharistic minister can lead to heightened awareness of the power of prayer and a deeper appreciation of the Eucharist. Training is required and eucharistic ministers serve approximately twice each month. If you are interested in being a eucharistic minister, contact Nancy Harvey.

Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic visitors are licensed eucharistic ministers who specialize their ministry in bringing the bread and wine of the Eucharist to those who can not leave their homes or hospital rooms. Training is required and eucharistic visitors serve as needed. If you are interested in being an eucharistic visitor, contact the Rev. Eyleen Farmer.

Flower Guild

Flower Guild members arrange flowers each week on the altar and decorate the church for major feast days such as Christmas Day and Easter Day to magnify the beauty of the celebration. Members work one morning per month, usually Friday or Saturday. New participants work with another team member until confident enough to work independently. Flower workshops for beginners are offered periodically. If you are interested in joining the Flower Guild, contact Eric Milner.


Every Sunday mornings, greeters wearing red name badges help welcome people into Calvary's buildings and provide directions and information for newcomers. The greeter is vital to our newcomer ministry in that greeters often are the first impressions many will have of our church. Greeters work in teams and generally serve once a month before and after worship services and classes. If you are interested in being a greeter, contact Ebet Peeples.    


Lectors help lead our worship by reading the appointed lessons for the day or leading the congregation in the prayers of the people (Intercessor). This ministry offers an opportunity to better understand the liturgy and tradition of the church and often leads to greater knowledge of the scriptures. Training is required and lectors normally serve once every six weeks. If you are interested in being a lector, contact Kendra Martin.


Ushers distribute programs at worship services and offer assistance in seating. Ushers also collect the offering. Should there be an emergency situation or injury, ushers are vital to crowd control and evacuation. Ushers also assist in making people feel welcome when they arrive, undistracted as they worship, and appreciated as they leave.  Training is held periodically throughout the year as the need arises. If you are interested in being an usher, contact Laurence Ritter.