The Rev. Ellen Roberds

The Rev. Ellen Roberds

former staff member at First Presbyterian Church and Calvary Episcopal Church

  1. If you could teach your children only one thing, what would it be? 

    The importance of being/striving to be beautiful, always. 

  2. Who have been the important role models in your life? Howhave they shaped you?

    For all the saints-too many to name leaving indelible marks in the ongoing process of the becoming of me.

  3. Of all the figures in the Bible, with whom would you wish tospend a day, and what would you hope to learn?

    At the moment, Shiprah and Puah. About birth, life and death, and the rituals of these liminal events.  

  4. What books have most shaped your thinking? What are you reading now?

    Reading post-colonial novels by authors from the Caribbean and Africa; this is my sister-in-law's field of study and she keeps me in constant supply.  

  5. What in your view is the greatest challenge facing people offaith today? 

    The structures by which we have placed our western faith in/built our faith upon; how the potential loss of those structures may effect the practice and shape of our faith.