Prayer Lists

Prayer Lists

Calvary's Prayer List is published weekly in the Sunday Bulletin and monthly in the Chronicle. Portions of the list also are read aloud during the Prayers of the People in worship services at Calvary. In addition, Calvary's chapter of the Daughters of the King pray daily for all those on Calvary's prayer list.

To place a friend, family member or yourself on our prayer list, contact any of the clergy or Ebet Peeples, 525-6602, ext. 138.

Names appear on the list for four weeks and may be extended on request.


Calvary's Prayer List

Gail Cagle
Kathy Caltagirone
Joe Clark
Susanna Clark

Michael Cromer
Ann Denton
Erich Emison
Kaylee Erwin
Francine Feltman
Laura Garretson
the Grant family
Ann Clark Ham
Lesley Hartney
Sharon Hicks
Wil Hunt
Stephan Jellinek & Anne Telp
Marianne Leigh Kiser
Rick Law
Ava Lawrence
Scott Lawyer
Ira Lichterman
Lisa Lichterman
Nora Ann Mauldin
Jeanne McMillan
Tem Mitchell
Ginny Monypeny
Sissy Nickles

Diane Outland
David Partridge
Taylor Pertzborn
Karla Philipp
Hannah Piecuch
Shelia Price
Michael Provow
Robert Rowan
Helena Shannon
Katie Shipp
Wally & Beecher Smith
John Snowden
Cordelia Tatevossian
Lucille & Bill Teague
Pat Turner
Joshua Wallace
Jim Walters
Stuart Wilkie
Dick Willingham
Barbara Wilson
Don Young

Saints Departed

Armando Alentado, stepfather of Martin Jellinek
Thomas Anderson
Edward Atkinson, father of Oscar Atkinson
James O.E. "Jimmy" Beck III
Kinzie Bird, husband of Betsy Bird
Susan Baudi, sister of Sarah Duffala
Bill Cagle, brother of Lee Cagle
Tom Carlson, friend of Suzanne Henley
Norman Yates Chambliss, Jr., grandfather of Turner Aycock
Marshall Clark, brother of Ken Clark
Mike Crittenden, friend of Ruthie McLain
Ann Wallace Dewey, mother of Stephanie Hoffman & Wally Smith
Angel Doyle, friend of Mills Polatty
Lydia Ann Abell Gibson, wife of Jack Gibson
Gordon Gilbert, father of Cathi Gilbert Moore
Carolyn Ann Grant, partner of Fred Arnold
Charlan Grant, daughter-in-law of Carolyn Grant
John Havron, friend of Nancy Harvey
Frank Aubrey Jones, husband of the Ven. Mimsy Jones
Chris Lamb, aunt of Mills and Molly Polatty
David McDaniel, brother-in-law of John Pruett
Joseph Orgill III
Lynn T. Parsons, sister of Laurie Monypeny & Josh Hardison
Howard Pinkston, uncle of Edwin Thorpe
Cora Pote, mother of Ardelle Walters
Dick Powers, brother-in-law of Cash Shields
Jeffrey A. Scrugham
Jean Costello Smith, grandmother of Terri Dulaney
Richard (Dick) Steuterman, cousin of Laurie Monypeny & Josh Hardison
Neelu Subramanian, aunt of Neil Raman
Pat Waldrop, friend of Ruthie McLain

In addition to the Calvary Prayer List, we maintain several other lists specific to certain milestones in the lives of our members.

Calvary Cycle of Prayer

Each week a list of ten names of individuals and families appears in the Chronicle and Sunday bulletin under the heading “Calvary Cycle of Prayer.” The Calvary Cycle of Prayer allows the church to lift up and celebrate unique lives and ministries as part of this parish family. The Cycle continues throughout the year and, at some point, every one’s name appears. When that happens, hundreds of people, some the closest of friends, some yet to meet, will be thanking God for those on the Calvary Cycle of Prayer list.


Great Expectations

When a child is born or adopted in our parish, it is cause for celebration for all of us. We encourage parents-to-be to let us know about the upcoming birth or adoption of a child. The parents’ names are added to our Great Expectations list and are prayed for during our services. Contact Ebet Peeples.


New Life

When there has been a birth in your family, regardless of whether the parents are members of this parish, we encourage you to let us know. We would like to celebrate this new life with you by lifting the child up in prayer during our services. Contact Ebet Peeples to add a name to this list.

Saints Departed

When a member of your family or a friend dies, regardless of whether they were a member of this parish, we encourage you to let us know. We would like to grieve with you by lifting them up in prayer during our services. Contact Ebet Peeples  to add a name to this list.


Those Preparing for Marriage

We recognize that a marriage is one of the most important times in the lives of our parishioners. Immediately following their wedding, we add the couple to our prayer list and pray for them during our services.