Message from Scott Walters

A message from Rector Scott Walters

Christian faith begins with trust in the sheer giftedness of our lives and the ridiculous notion that there is nothing we must do to earn God's indiscriminate love. When I look in on Calvary, I see your embrace of the wounded, the vulnerable, and the outcast as visible evidence that the gospel of grace has taken root in you. You see beloved children in those the world would cast off as worthless, unproductive, damaged beyond repair. And I see grace just as vividly in the joy that spills out of your common life, whether as music or liturgy or art or, God help us, tall stacks of waffles and great vats of aspic.

Ardelle and I are honored and thrilled to join this storied place that is so alive today with the transforming love of Jesus, thrilled in part because we fully expect to be numbered among the transformed.