Brian D. McLaren

Brian D. McLaren 

Author, speaker, activist, and networker among innovative Christian leaders

  1. What is the most exciting book you have read in the last year? What did you find so interesting or compelling?
    I read so much - it's hard to choose the most exciting. But I'd say it's Rene Girard's  I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning. I think Girard is a historically significant thinker whose work has profound implications for Christian theology, and this is his most accessible book. 

  2. Of all the figures in the Bible (or other sacred texts), with whom would you wish to spend a day, and what would you hope to learn? 

    I would love to take a long walk with Jesus and ask him questions about "the kingdom of God," although I would expect the experience to be profoundly life-altering, not simply "interesting!" It would also be fascinating to talk with Mary and get her perspective on Jesus' life and work. 

  3. What in your view is the greatest challenge facing people of faith today? 

    There are so many, but most central is rediscovering the good news that Jesus proclaimed - which is not an evacuation plan for heaven but a transformation plan for humanity on earth.   

  4. In your most recent book, Naked Spirituality: A  Life with God in Twelve Simple Words, you invite your readers to “skinny-dip in the river of sacredness.” What is your favorite way of skinny-dipping? 

    For me, simply getting out in God's creation is ideal ... I'm a great lover of birds, plants, and other wildlife, and in creation I sense God's wisdom and beauty coming to me in surprising and enchanting ways.  

  5. Can you describe the Christianity you gave your heart to? What do you consider the essence of being a Christian? 

    I wasn't so attracted to the outer apparatus of the church - buildings, parking lots, organs, guitars, programs, sermons, and so on. I was attracted to Jesus as a radical leader in the way of love. To me, the essence of being a Christian is learning how to love as Christ loved us.    

  6. What question do you wish we would ask you? 

    You've asked great ones, but here's one more: What has been one of life's greatest surprises for you? (Answer: the joy of being a grandparent!)