The Rev. Dan Matthews

The Rev. Daniel P. Matthews

Rector Emeritus, Trinity Wall Street, New York, NY

  1. In a long career of stunning accomplishments, of what are you most proud? 

    Having 3 grown children for whom a devout faith is center in their lives. 

  2. What – either inside or outside the church – inspires you?  Encourages you?  Disappoints you?

    It inspires me to know that The Episcopal Church continues to reach out to those that society rejects.

  3. Who have been the important role models in your life? How have they shaped you?

    My most important role model was my older brother who graduated from Southwestern (Rhodes), conducted the St. Mary’s Cathedral Choir and encouraged my call to the priesthood.  

  4. What books have most shaped your thinking? What are you reading now?

    “Out of My Life and Thought” by Albert Schweitzer changed the direction of my life.  I am now reading “The Circle” by Dave Eggers.  

  5. During the years of your ministry at Trinity Wall Street, you had opportunities to meet and have conversations with many leaders in the fields of religion, politics, and the arts. Is there one person or experience that stands out as particularly meaningful or significant? Why about that person surprised you? 

    9/11:  We ran for our lives escaping the thundering collapse of the Towers 150 yards away.  None of us will ever be the same.