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The Church We Should Be: Learning from Emanuel AME

This week, the 78 th  General Convention of The Episcopal Church will convene in Salt Lake City. This convention, held every three years, will bring together nearly 10,000 Episcopalians from around the country and the world (our General Convention is the second largest legislative body of any kind in the world, second only to the Indian National Parliament!). They will gather in the hopes of answering one important question: What kind of church should we be?    The kind of... Read More
Posted by Robyn Maudlin at Wednesday, June 24, 2015 | 0 comments
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Pentecost Blues

Wapanocca National Wildlife Refuge is a short forty-five minute drive from Memphis. It's near Turrell, Arkansas (which locals know to pronounce "Turl"). To get there, head across the old Mississippi River bridge and drive north on I-55. After a few miles you'll come to AR-42. Turn right. When the road narrows and doesn't look like it's going anywhere, you're nearly there. You'll see an unassuming sign and a welcome center, although I'm told that Fish and Wildlife... Read More
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The light of hope

I returned to Memphis over the weekend after a few weeks away, and as I drove through the city I was struck by one thought: Memphis is beautiful. The feeling struck me with force! I’ve called Memphis home for three years now and for the first time, in a dramatic way, I saw Memphis with all its flaws as truly beautiful. There is an authentic, hopeful beauty here, and I’m not the only one who sees it.    The current issue of  Memphis Magazine echoes this idea of hope. Many articles... Read More
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Ordinary Time

Before I ever thought about parish ministry, I was a hospice chaplain. My job was to provide comfort to patients who were near death and to support their families and caregivers. You might think that this work would be depressing and difficult. I thought as much myself. But I learned very quickly that it was always a privilege and often a joy to be with and listen to people living in the borderlands between earth and heaven. They taught me many things.  ... Read More
Posted by Robyn Maudlin at Tuesday, June 2, 2015 | 4 comments
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