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Would you call the cops on Jesus?

I was fascinated by a story that circulated a couple of months ago about a bronze sculpture depicting a homeless person sleeping on a park bench. A life-size human form, wrapped in a blanket, obscures the person’s identity; only nail wounds on bare feet cue the viewer that the figure is actually Jesus. The installation of “Homeless Jesus” at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Davidson, NC, created quite a stir at first. One member of the parish, who lives in the neighborhood, instinctively... Read More
Posted by Robyn Maudlin at Wednesday, June 25, 2014 | 0 comments
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Feeling welcomed

When my wife, Nicole, and I were first engaged, we searched for a church that we could worship in together. At the time, I was living in Atlanta, so we visited a local Episcopal Church. St Bartholomew’s Church was a beautiful space with excellent preaching and music, but what struck us most of all was the way we were welcomed when we visited. When we arrived that first Sunday, people noticed us, knew that we were new to St. Bart’s, and were very hospitable. Although they are a fantastic... Read More
Posted by Robyn Maudlin at Wednesday, June 18, 2014 | 1 comments
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Folding Hiroshima into my Heart

August 6, 1945 - 8:15 a.m. Peace and war from the beginning of time changed. The first atom bomb was dropped by American planes on the selected community of Hiroshima, Japan. There was little strategic about this town on the delta by the Ota River flowing out to the Seto Inland Sea. In this time, forced labor from Korea and China and children working in ammunition factories had contributed to making it one of the larger cities in Japan, then enemy of the United States. Hiroshima had been... Read More
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Perfect Days

What is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days.   ~James Russell Lowell      A few fun facts about the month of June:   Origin: comes from the Latin “Juno,” who in Roman mythology was the wife of Jupiter and queen of the gods.  Birthstone: pearl, signifying loyalty and friendship.   Flower: rose. Depending on the color, roses may indicate love (red), happiness (pink), or innocence (white).   Baby name: June was a popular... Read More
Posted by Robyn Maudlin at Wednesday, June 4, 2014 | 0 comments
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