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Spotlight on Community Breakfast

by Christine Todd

With your help Calvary has served our poor and hungry community every Sunday morning for more than 20 years. When we first started serving breakfast at Calvary, we only served our parishioners. Then we would open the back door and hand out 10 or 12 leftover meals to homeless people standing in the alley. We often ran out of food before that second line was fed. Then, one snowy cold day, we brought our guests into our house—into God’s house. We have tried serving in the Tucker Room, the Bethlehem Chapel, the Matthew, Mark and Luke Rooms, and now finally, we serve Community Breakfast in the Mural Room. We used to serve breakfast in disposable containers, but now we serve on real plates with real flatware.  

Each week, our clergy, Chris Girata and Eyleen Farmer, lead prayers before breakfast, bless the community by giving a homily and by reading their prayer requests. Every week some guest prays for a regular job, a place to live, a place to take a shower, an end to addiction, and for their friends and neighbors who are hurt and dying. We also sing hymns under the direction of Organist-Choirmaster Kristin Lensch after the prayers, expanding the offering and making it a real prayer service! 

In addition to breakfast, we recycle your donated clothing, too. So many who attend breakfast have benefited from the clothes. Men’s socks, old shoes, blankets, sleeping bags, outgrown jeans, sweaters, and ever-so-needed coats fly out the door. Under the supervision of Hilary Chipley, director of youth and children’s ministries, and Kayla Bartosch, minister to youth, our Calvary youth painted the walls of the clothes closet, making it look fresh and organized, and our facilities manager, Harry Reyna, installed new lights so our guests can better see your wonderful clothing donations. 

When you take the opportunity to work with a group of people, you bond very deeply. Volunteering with Community Breakfast enriches not only the lives of our hungry and homeless community, but also the lives of those of us who work together.  

There are so many ways to help with this wonderful ministry. Could you volunteer once a month to play songs like, “Jesus Loves Me”  for our guests? Do you have an old karaoke machine at home that you don’t need? Do you have hand sanitizer, pencils and notecards for prayer requests, men’s clothing or blankets? Could you collect hotel toiletries when you travel? Would you like to crack hundreds of eggs on a Saturday? Would you like to help with the Soup Sunday team that finances Community Breakfast? Would you like to support one week’s or one month’s breakfasts with your monetary gifts? 

There are many ways to contribute and each one makes a difference! If you’d like to get involved, please contact Wayne Knerr at We hope to see you any Sunday morning at 6 a.m.! 

Posted by Robyn Maudlin at 3:32 PM
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