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G2H ministry: an interview with Brennan Seltzer

by Hilary Chipley, Director of Children Ministries

Since February 2015, Calvary’s children and youth have packaged and distributed to parishioners over 1,300 G2H (Give to Hungry) bags. This program, created by Calvary youth, continues to flourish. Bags of food are packaged and distributed by Calvary children and youth each month. Recently, a fellow parent asked me if I knew of Brennan Seltzer’s personal G2H program. I asked Brennan and her parents about this and learned that Brennan used her birthday money to make G2H-type bags for her mom and dad to carry in their cars to distribute to neighbors in need. Brennan’s bags not only included food, but also personal hygiene products, socks, and other items. Brennan created specific bags for men and women (color-coded of course). I spoke to Brennan about her own G2H bags. It took a few conversations with Brennan to get details, as she is incredibly humble. 

Hilary:  What inspired you to create your own G2H bags?

Brennan:  It was around Christmastime and I was making trail mix with my grandmother. We had a bunch left over. I thought, why don’t we pass it out like we do G2H bags? So I decided to make some bags. My mom took me to Target to buy stuff to put in them. 

Hilary: How did you fund your G2H bags?

Brennan: My birthday is around Christmastime and I got some money as gifts. I really did not want anything, I just wanted my friends to come to my party. I got everything that I wanted for my birthday at Christmas, so I decided to use my birthday money to make G2H bags. I just thought it would be a nice thing to do.

Hilary: What do you put in your G2H bags that are different from the G2H bags that we make and distribute at Calvary?

Brennan: The bags that I made have perishable food in them—like the trail mix that I made with my grandmother and oranges. I put perishable food in them because I knew that we would pass them out right away. I also put personal hygiene products in my bags. 

Hilary: How many bags have you made?

Brennan: I’ve made six bags for females and seven for males.

Hilary: Have you passed your bags out?

Brennan: My mom usually passes them out, but I have passed them out to people on my way home from school or on my way downtown to church. 

Hilary: Will you continue to make your own G2H bags?

Brennan: Yes, definitely. 

Posted by Robyn Banks at 9:41 AM
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