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Dinner groups make a comeback

by Julie Shaw

Our journey at Calvary began in the early nineties. Our son, Lane, was six and our daughter, Grace, had just been born. We soon found ourselves in the middle of everything that had to do with children. I was on the Youth Committee and served on the Altar Guild and Flower Guild. Billy was an usher. At that time, there were three Sunday morning services. One Sunday morning, while waiting for the class to start in the Great Hall, Barbara Christensen and I were discussing how to meet people that went to the other services. Former associate rector, the Rev. Bill Kolb, walked up about that time and joined the conversation. He told us about Foyer Groups from his previous parish. Immediately, he said, ''And you two couples are the perfect ones to get it started!" If you know Bill, you know that "no" is not in his vocabulary. It turns out he was right! We couldn't believe the response to these newly formed dinner groups.

A Foyer Group is a group of parishioners who meet for dinner throughout the year to enjoy food, fellowship, and fun! These adult gatherings allow parishioners to get to know each other better in a more intimate setting than a parish-wide event can provide. Each group is made up of eight to ten people and includes couples and singles of varying ages. The groups meet once a month at someone's home, a restaurant, or another creative gathering. At the beginning of each year, new groups form. It's a great way to meet new people and get to know others better. 

Before we knew it, there were over 200 people signed up to be in dinner groups. We enjoyed coordinating the Foyer Groups with Barbara & Jim for several years, until our move to Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 2006.

In 2015, we returned to Memphis and were excited to come home to Calvary. There were many old friends, but lots of new faces, new leadership, and no Foyer Groups. What to do? Start again! Billy and I, along with Debbie & David Balling, and Jo & Joe Clift are coordinating new Foyers Groups for 2018. The signup will begin Friday, Dec. 1 and start with a kick-off dinner in the Great Hall after the first of the year. Watch for our online signup sheet and join the fun!

Sign Up for a Foyer Group

Calvary’s Foyer Groups offer an opportunity for both newcomers and long-time members to enlarge their circle of friendships within the Calvary community by participating in monthly informal gatherings for an evening meal and pleasant conversation. New groups are formed once a year. Since the purpose of the Foyer Groups is to make new acquaintances, we ask that you allow us to do the grouping. However, you may state preferences or special needs. Each group consists of approximately 10 people who arrange to meet together monthly for dinner at a time and date to be chosen by the group. One person in each group will need to volunteer to be the coordinator. Each member brings a portion of the meal, with the hosting member providing the main course. Members will be contacted by the host to arrange the menu. The success of each Foyer Group depends upon the commitment of each member of the group to attend the gatherings. Please make sure your schedule allows enough flexibility to commit to this ministry when signing up.

Sign up online:

Posted by Robyn Banks at 10:15 AM
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