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Caring for One Another

Regardless of the candidate for whom each of us voted, most of us today are at the least surprised; and, quite honestly, many of us are deeply saddened. As one of your priests, it is neither my responsibility nor my right ever to support in an official way one candidate over another. I have tried to live by that understanding. That said, no one has ever fallen off the barstool upon learning whom I supported in this election. My reasons were personal, deeply felt, and drawn from what I hold to be most true about who we are as a community of faith.

One of those tenets to which I hold most firmly and believe with all my heart is that we have an obligation as Christians, and indeed as human beings, to hold up reconciliation and love as the rule of our lives. People of faith can and must lead the way in re-imagining and speaking into the culture at large our absolute commitment to the belief that love for God and love for others rule the day. No matter how deep the divisions among us, what I know is that our job now is to stand for love and goodness in this world with vigor and determination. We are called to love extravagantly, give generously, and care for one other with great tenderness, regardless of whom we voted for. None of that is easy, but the One whom we emulate and the One in whom our hope rests never said that it would be easy.

We need to be together this Sunday morning. Gather with me around our beloved table of grace, a table derived from love and thanksgiving, one that recognizes no difference in Democrat or Republican, white or black, gay or straight, male or female, immigrant or native born. If you rejoice in the election, come: you will be welcomed. If you despair at the results, come: you will be welcomed. Together we will continue to seek to know and stand for what is right, caring for one another and for so many others. 

Faithfully yours,
Buddy Stallings
Posted by Robyn Banks at 8:37 AM
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