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Searching for rhythm

Driving an old truck has heightened my attention to rhythms. At about 60mph, my 1995 Chevrolet develops a soft rhythmic shudder in the rear end. The tires and suspension are in good shape, but the truck just doesn’t seem to like to move at certain speeds. So, I slow down or speed up just enough to bring the ride back into harmony. Or at least back into what passes for harmony in this particular vehicle. Our lives can develop shimmies and shakes from time to time, too. Something gets a... Read More
Posted by Robyn Banks at Thursday, November 30, 2017
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by the Rev. Scott Walters, Rector As I moved into my new office at Calvary and got the computer set up, I decided I should cull the website shortcuts I keep. They pile up over time. But as I did, I found a few links I didn’t recognize. One took me to instructions for making your own moss shower mat. I’m not making this up. A shower mat. Made of moss. As in the green stuff that grows on the north sides of trees in damp climates. There’s a website about how to make one. And... Read More
Posted by Robyn Banks at Tuesday, August 8, 2017
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Being Known

by Scott Walters, Rector Among the bad habits my parents attempted to undo in my brother and me (mostly me, to be honest) was overuse of the phrase “I know.” For a time it was the readiest answer I had for almost anything.  “Scott, it’s time for dinner.”  “I know.”  “Scott, please take out the garbage.”  “I know.”  “Scott, Grandma got drafted by St. Louis in the fourth round as a... Read More
Posted by Robyn Banks at Monday, June 5, 2017
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